Thrive – 02.12.18 -Balancing the Masculine & Feminine Energies Within

Seila Chapman Presents: THRIVE – Balancing the Masculine & Feminine Energies Within.

Date: 02/12/2018 @ 12:30 p.m.

TICKETS: $39 (includes talk & tacos). Limited to 25 seats so don’t miss out!
It’s no coincidence that the topic of balancing the inner masculine and feminine is increasingly important in today’s world. Beneath the noise and activity of modern-day living, something extraordinary is happening: a new era is being born. And yet a call for inner balance is not new at all. This event aims to lift the veil of a revolution that is taking place in the hearts and minds of millions.

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Whether you are aware of it or not your masculine-feminine balance is already impacting your life and work: Health – Money – Sex Life – Business – Relationships – Self-worth – Future

* People who are curious about what it means to balance the masculine and feminine energies.
* People who are keen to discover healthier expressions of what it means to be a man or woman in the 21st century.

* What are the healthy/unhealthy masculine & feminine traits
* How does our balance affect sex and relationships, health and wellbeing, money and career
* 10 ways how being in balance will help you thrive
* What it’s going to take for you to get into balance

Seila Chapman is a dynamic highly-valued Master NLP Practitioner, Leadership Executive Coach and professional Speaker, specialising in human potential.

​She is super passionate about unlocking human potential to deliver extraordinary results for individuals and businesses, and has spoken on stages, run workshops and works with many people in the areas of Self-Development, Leadership, Mindset, Human Behaviour and Wellbeing.

Her coaching is rooted both in scientific research and understanding and in the wisdom of love to support people on their personal and professional growth.

Today, she continues to inspire action through a contagious sense of purpose, empowering women and men coming together to an untapped potential of co-creating a better world for all.

“Seila Chapman is the real deal, and a godsend!” – Kerrie Matthews

If you truly want intelligent ways to turn down the volume on the stuff that pulls you out of balance and turn up the volume on your innate wisdom that keeps you in balance then this presentation is a must!